All international students who are recieving education in Turkey can take advantage of the “general health insurance” coverage in Turkey. Students who have “general health insurance”, can use all state hospitals without any fee, and can use private hospitals by paying a moderate fee. To benefit from the General Health Insurance System in Turkey, you can go to your school’s international Student Office to get more information. Then with the necessary documents, students can go to the Social Security Institution to apply. When you complete your application, you will pay your general health insurance fee which is determined on an annual basis within 1 month from the date of Social Security records.

If you don’t apply for general health insurance system within the given time period (3 months) you cannot benefit from the general health insurance services of the State. But, if the students have an international health insurance they can use it or can get benefit from private health insurances in Turkey. Some universities may also offer special health insurance policy for their international students.

Please also bear in mind that Turkey is known for providing high quality health services at low costs. For this reason many patients from neighbouring countries as well as from developed western countries prefer to come to Turkey to get healthier and cheaper treatments for surgery, dental, and eye examinations.

Students In order not to face any problems until they can benefit from their healt insurance in Turkey, we recommend them to go for checkups, visit their dentists.We also recommend students to bring along their glasses, a spare pair of contact lenses and their optical prescription with them. Lastly bringing along a first-aid kit can be really useful.